Reservation On-Line

Use this reservation on-line service to let us know when you want to come. Your reservation will be auto-cancelled at 4:00PM in the selected day.

  • If you want to arrive later, you should call us by phone to confirm actuality of your reservation.
  • Please call or email us the day before arrival date to confirm your reservation, if you made it more than a week earlier.

Choose arrival date please using calendar below. In case if you want to stay more than for 1 night, write about that in the contact form on Step 3.
There are several rooms in our albergue. Depending on your wish choose between large and small rooms, bunk and normal beds. The biggest room with bunk beds has 8 places to sleep. Also we have rooms with 3 or 4 beds. Learn more and watch photos...
Fullfil this form with your real information please. All fields are required but commentary, where you can add some extra information (e.g. approximately arrival time).

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And last but very important step! Read the instructions below, or your request will not be accepted.
Important note:

  1. We accept only pilgrims! You should carry your own sleeping bags and should have a pilgrims passport (Credencial)
  2. Confirm reservation from received email! Otherwise, it won’t be registered.
  3. Reservation will be cancelled automatically at 4:00pm (16:00) of arrival date.

Albergue Nájera, Pilgrim Hotel