Albergue Nido de Cigüeña in Najera

Our albergue is closed due to the end of the Camino season. Next season begins in April of 2018.

Albergue Nido de Cigüeña was opened in 2014. It’s the first albergue on the Camino de Santiago which was built by the Russian pilgrims. We try to provide even more facilities, services and comfort then you can expect from a regular albergue.

Always clean and fresh rooms, sparkling water taps and dry floor in bathrooms, friendly atmosphere. Our albergue is private and it can handle up to 20 persons. We hope you will enjoy a rest in here and will love our fireplace and the great mountain view with stork’s nests and caves!

Albergue Nido de Cigüeña: Front sideAlbergue Nido de Cigüeña

Our services and prices

We have a full functional kitchen, washing and drying machines, coffee and soft drinks machines, bicycle parking and more. Prices for a bed start from 10 euro and you can choose individual or bunk beds in general rooms.

Kitchen Fridge Cold drinks Coffee machine Bicycle parking Washing machine Shower, hot water Fireplace Free wifi No smoking

Online booking available

Reserve one or more beds or whole room for any day you want with our usable reservation page!

Leave your experience!

If you enjoy (or even if not) our albergue, do not forget to leave reply here please. We need your feedback to make this place better!

How to find us

Albergue “Nido de Cigüeña” is situated near the mountains in the old-town of Nájera.

The ways how you can find us:

  1. walk along Camino de Santiago route following the yellow arrows Yellow Camino's arrow, because we are located right on the road
  2. look for a touristic office Touristic office icon, we are placed very close to it
  3. cross the river by the main bridge, you will see the mountains on the horizon, just move straight in their direction.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask people if you lost your way.

See our contacts page to learn more.

City map: Albergue location

Albergue Nájera, Pilgrim Hotel